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First course launched!

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Drawing Connections

March 7, 2023


I am hopeful you are doing well.

I can finally speak about something that has been in the works for a few weeks. My first course has been announced in collaboration with Etchr.

The "Textures and Depth with Graphite Pencil Drawing" course was designed to bring depth to your current pencil work by working start to finish on an American Bullfrog that lives in my pond.

I will start with a breakdown of the photo and discussing how I "see" the image. We will then go through the initial sketch, begin layering the first few layers and then get the eye in place to watch us.

I will share some techniques used to achieve both a rough texture and suggested shadows and reflections. We will push the darks where needed which is a fear of many beginner graphite artists. This will all be done using a single Pentel Canada Graphgear 1000 .3mm 2B pencil and an Etchr A6 hot press sketchbook. But you can use any materials you choose.

I am hopeful you will join me live March 18, 2023 at 12 PM EDT. The course will also be recorded and available through the Etchr platform.

Here is a teaser on the Etchr Youtube channel.

Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Also, here are some recent podcasts. Yes, we are nearing 100!

94: Painting the Town: Exploring Urban Scenes with Shari Blaukopf

I talk about a new app helping with his art and how you can be part of upcoming episode 100. I am then joined by Shari Blaukopf, a Montreal-based painter, teacher, author, and art blogger. Shari is a renowned watercolor artist best known for her urban scenes. Her unique approach to watercolor painting and sketching has earned her a spot as a correspondent for, co-founder of Urban Sketchers Montreal, and a signature Canadian Society of Painters member in Watercolour.

In this episode, we’ll dive into Shari’s artistic journey from graphic designer to teacher and urban sketcher. We will explore the techniques she uses to create her stunning pieces, her favorite tools, and what she uses as motivation for urban sketching. Be sure to stick around to the end for the homework, which is a mission I think we should all take on.

93: Textures of the Natural World: An Interview with Artist Melissa Cormier

I start 10 YouTube videos in 10 weeks and discusses recent pieces. Artist and fellow Pentel Canada Ambassador Melissa Cormier joins the show to discuss her journey from printmaking to her graphite abstract work inspired by natural textures. We talk about her tools, process, and education. We also talk about travel, movies, and earwigs that can fly. Her homework may have you looking the other way.

Acrylic Adventure

I am nearly done my first acrylic piece. This was not only my first acrylic piece but is also the largest piece I have ever done at 24" by 36". It has certainly been a challenge moving to acrylic but I have really enjoyed this one. I now have a series of canvases and panels primed and ready for at least a dozen more. I am still continuing my work with graphite, watercolor and ink but this is allowing me to explore and enhance all the mediums I work with. Is it wrong that I am now thinking of oil painting as well? :-)

Stay tuned as I will share more and put some thought into whether this piece goes up for sale.

Take care of yourself and each and keep drawing.